The micro radio project started as a site-specific sound and radio project. This involved collecting sounds from a given area, and using these sounds in compositions that were broadcast within the sites that they had been collected. The sounds were stored on my laptop and broadcast using a low-power radio transmitter.

- NOW -

The project has evolved into a mobile performance which mixes prerecorded field recordings that I have stored on cassette, one off lacquer records, and my laptop. The performance is amplified through broadcasting to radios, the sound system at the venue, and tactile transducers attached to surfaces in the space (previously used in the ghost station installation).

I am interested in venues that support the transmission arts -- artist run centers, festivals, community radio and streamed radio.

- 2006 Québec -

Experiments with a radio transmitter and antenna capable of broadcasting one kilometer during an artist residency, which was an exchange between Open Space and La Chambre Blanche. An audio excerpt from this residency can be downloaded from the broadcasts page. An article in Voir can be downloaded here.

- 2005 Victoria BC -

I started with a small radio transmitter, capable of transmitting 150 feet, for audio performances in public spaces. A trilogy exhibit took place in a mall, a parking lot, and a commons space for my graduate degree in fine arts at the University of Victoria. Audio from the parking lot broadcast can be downloaded from the broadcasts page.

VIDEO - documentation of the three performances.


Using records, cassettes, and a radio transmitter to perform live sound collage makes nod to the history of the phonograph, tape and radio as tools for the development of experimental sound art. Giving an alternative use for mediums that are largely used for commercial media is also a Situationist technique—detournement, in which a familiar medium is repurposed to create something new.

download an essay on the micro radio project here.