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The Ghost Station - blog

Lower Bay Station, Toronto’s ghost station, is used as a vessel to contain sounds that are within and below the threshold of human hearing – infrasound and tactile sound – where sound is felt rather than heard. Low frequencies created by cars and subways are contributors to the cacophony of infrasonic noise that exists deep below the rumbling of the city. These tactile sounds have also been associated with paranormal activity and ghost sightings.

Transduction - video

Materials for the installation Transduction include old computer monitors and eight-track amplifiers that had been disposed of in some form, either by universities that had upgraded, or that had made their way into second hand shops. This exhibit also uses speakers that have been modified to send vibrations into water contained in plastic drum skins. Rather than use these products in ways intended by the manufacturer (for drum-kits and stereo components) they have been reshaped and presented to an audience, hopefully expanding the viewers’ ideas on the uses of such consumer items

rhythmic organic electronic sounds :

old machines - mp3

bells and thumbs - mp3

fela - mp3